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Say Goodbye to Germs with These Disinfecting Tips to Tackle Common Items in Your Apartment

Even if you consider yourself a neat freak, sometimes it may not be enough.  Deep cleaning and disinfecting your home is always a worthwhile idea; especially when over 2,000 species of fungus and over 7,000 species of bacteria can be found in the average American household.  Not only will a good cleaning and disinfecting make your apartment home feel refreshed, but it will also protect you from viruses and germs that could make you sick.

Despite our best efforts of deep cleaning and focusing on the usual items such as linens, door handles, and kitchen appliances, there might be a few things that are often forgotten.   Here are four germ-ridden items that are commonly overlooked while cleaning and disinfecting your apartment home.

Remote Controls

You touch your remotes multiple times per day. So, clean them well by dampening a cloth with 70% isopropyl alcohol or pulling out a disinfecting wipe. Go over the remote, paying special attention to the spaces between the buttons. Then, dip a cotton swab in alcohol, squeeze out the excess, and use it to clean the narrow areas and grooves, being careful to not let any liquid drip into the remote. Let dry.

Can Openers

Can openers encounter all kinds of food, yet they’re rarely cleaned. Put an end to that by washing handheld can openers in hot soapy water. Electric can openers usually have pop-off blades that can be washed the same way. For wall-mounted can openers, use a soapy toothbrush to clean the blade area, and a cloth dipped in warm soapy water to clean the rest of the machine. Rinse with a cloth and wipe dry. Use a disinfecting wipe to go over the areas of the can opener that your fingers touch.

Light Switches

They’re often the first and last thing you touch every day. Make sure they’re sterile with these instructions. First, use a damp cloth to clean off dust and grime. Be careful not to let any liquid seep behind the switch. With a disinfecting wipe or cotton ball dampened with 70% isopropyl alcohol, swab all sides of the switch and backplate. Again, be careful that no liquid gets inside. Allow it to air dry.

Credit Cards

How often do you pull out your credit card? Probably pretty often – and we can bet that you’ve never once stopped to think about how germy they really are. Fix that by wiping each card down with a disinfecting wipe. Let them dry before placing them back in your wallet. Although you might not technically consider this a “home item,” it’s a frequently used one that’s in your home, nonetheless.

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